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The poetry of artwork titles

27. May, 2024

The meaning of titles

The titles of my artworks are more than just names; they are gateways to other worlds. With just a few words I try to capture the feeling and essence of the picture. The title “Born under Trees” immediately conveys a connection to nature, to roots and to a deep wisdom that flows through generations.

Titles are the first point of contact between the viewer and the artwork. They arouse curiosity and provide an initial point of reference to engage with the depth and emotion of the painting. Each title is carefully chosen to complement the abstract shapes and lines in my work and add a narrative dimension.

Artwork Titles at the wall

Two works of art with their titles on the wall. Artwork titles are not merely designations for works of art, but form a supplement to the artist’s purely visual narrative.

Symbiosis of titles and subtitles in my artworks

The harmony between title and subtitle is crucial to convey the intended message of my artworks. A good example is “Forestic Playground” with the subtitle “Our own little world with tree houses, creeks, and so much to discover.” The title itself suggests a natural, adventurous environment, while the subtitle concretizes the childlike joy and exploratory potential of this world.

This symbiosis enables the viewer to better understand and emotionally engage with the abstract world depicted. The subtitle serves as an extended interpretation of the title and invites the viewer to delve deeper into the world of thought behind the artwork.

What titles want to tell us

Titles are more than mere designations; they tell a story and invite the viewer to become part of this narrative. Take the artwork “Palace of Dreams“, for example. The title alone transports us to a world of fantasy and imagination, a place that is majestic and beyond the everyday. It stimulates our dreams and longings.

The subtitle “Build it in your dreams, live it in reality and you will feel the freedom of this magical place” adds another dimension. It speaks of the power of dreams to shape reality and the freedom that can be found in this magical place.

The title and subtitle together provide a narrative foundation that invites the viewer to embark on a journey into this dreamlike world and recognize the possibility of making dreams come true. They create an emotional connection and spark the imagination, allowing the viewer to delve deeper into the artwork.

Palace of Dreams Bildtitel

The title and subtitle together invite the viewer to engage more deeply with the artwork and thus create the basis for an emotional connection.

How titles affect the impact of a painting on your wall

A fitting title can change the entire perception of a piece of art and enhance its impact. If you have “Forestic Playground” hanging on your wall, you may always think of adventures and discoveries in nature, which creates a cheerful and positive atmosphere in your room.

Titles can evoke moods and associations that go beyond the purely visual. They offer the viewer an additional level of interpretation and can enhance the emotional resonance of the image. The right combination of title and image can transform a room into a personal gallery of feelings and memories.

Why are my titles in English

English offers a concise yet poetic way of expression that perfectly suits my abstract artworks. Short, concise expressions can often say more than long, complex sentences. Titles like “Born under Trees” and “Forestic Playground” sound melodic and universally understandable in English.

The language complements the international focus of my blog and my art. English titles have the ability to convey a wide range of emotions and ideas in a few words, which makes them ideal for naming my work. They give the viewer an immediate, intuitive connection to the abstract forms and concepts of my art.

Discover the titles and subtitles of my artworks

I invite you to explore the world of my artworks. Be inspired by the titles and subtitles and discover how they harmonise with the abstract shapes and lines of my paintings. Each title and subtitle is carefully chosen to give you a deeper connection to the works.

Visit my shop and find the artwork that suits you perfectly, not only visually but also emotionally. Let it speak to you and enrich your space with a total work of art that impresses with its poetry and aesthetics.

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