Art Exhibitions and Press

Art Exhibitions

The special Experience of visiting an Art Exhibition

Art exhibitions offer a good opportunity to experience my abstract and figurative artworks live. Viewing the canvases and framed pictures up close and at a distance allows the artworks to unfold their full effect. Throughout 2023, I have already been able to show some of my works at national and international art exhibitions.

Zwei Kunstwerke auf Leinwand der Künstlerin Alina Hermann auf einer Kunstausstellung in Berlin

My Art at Art Exhibitions and Fairs in 2023

Five of my works were part of the art exhibition “Visions” in Venice, organized by ItsLiquid. Afterwards I was able to participate in the “Session 04” of Galeria Azur in Berlin with two mixed media & oil paintings on canvas. In the course of collaborations with vanGogh Art Gallery in Madrid and Monat Experience in Barcelona, my paintings were also exhibited at art fairs in Luxembourg, Paris and Miami. A complete list of all art exhibitions can be found in the following table:

Past Art Exhibitions

  • Feb/Mar 2024, solo exhibition “Inner Universe”, Galerie im Schloss, Hemsbach, Germany
  • Oct. 2023, group exhibition “Fragments”, Kalteneck Castle, Holzgerlingen, Germany
  • Oct. 2023, group exhibition “Ephemeral”, van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain
  • Sep. 2023, Paris Art Fair, with Monat Experience, Paris, France
  • Sep. 2023, Luxembourg Art Fair, with van Gogh Art Gallery, LuxExpo, Luxembourg
  • Jun./Jul. 2023, “Session 04”, Galeria Azur, Berlin, Germany
  • Apr. 2023, Canvas International Art Fair “Visions”, ItsLiquid Group, Venice, Italy
  • Feb. 2023, “Interferences”, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milan, Italy
  • Dec. 2022, “Gemischte Tüte”, Zucker e.V., Darmstadt, Germany
Kunstwerke von Alina Hermann auf der Kunstausstellung Visions in Venedig
Alina Hermann und zwei ihrer Bilder auf der Kunstmesse in Luxemburg
Alina Hermann steht vor Kunstwerk My Kingdom auf der Kunstausstellung Fragmente in Holzgerlingen

Planned Art Exhibitions

In 2024, I will focus more on local exhibitions. After my first solo exhibition “Inner Universe” at the “Galerie im Schloss” in Hemsbach, 17 of my works are currently on display at the “Landratsamt” in Heppenheim. Two further exhibitions are already planned for summer and fall in Landau and Neuburg an der Donau.

Upcoming Art Exhibitions

  • Jul./Aug. 2024, “LeLa”, Aparte Kunst Galerie, Landau, Germany
  • Sep. 2024, “Klangvolle Visionen”, Residenzschloss, Neuburg an der Donau, Germany

Purchase Exhibited Artworks online

Some of the artworks that have already been shown at art exhibitions are still available in the Art Online Store. Discover the two series Abstract Worlds and Freedom in the category original artworks.


Articles & Publications

Contemporary Art Explore, StudioArte22 – Book, May 2023

Click here to get to the book, page 106 – 113.

Review Exhibition “Visions 2023”, Canvas International Art Fair, ItsLiquid Group, Venice April 2023

Click here to get to the article.

Modern Renaissance Magazine, Issue 19 Spring 2023, Culturally Arts Collective

Click here to get to the magazine, page 68/69.

ZehleArt Magazin, Issue 9, 2023

Click here to get to the magazine, page 68 – 73.

Catalogue Online Exhibition “Interferences”, M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milano, Italy (February 2023)

Click here to get to the catalogue, page 23 – 31.

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