Art Prints on Canvas

Discover high-quality canvases printed with my art

Canvases printed with art are a wonderful alternative to buying an original painting. Thanks to the brilliant print on light-resistant linen fabric, you get a valuable and appealing reproduction. Many of my original mixed media & oil artworks are available to purchase here as smaller canvases with art prints. Have fun discovering them!

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What sizes are the printed canvases available in?

The printed canvases have standard dimensions in inches from which the specified dimensions in cm are derived. Depending on the aspect ratio of the original artwork, sometimes only one size is offered as an art print, with some also offering up to three different sizes. The canvas sizes range from 12 x 16 inches (40.64 x 30.48 cm) to 16 x 20 inches (40,64 x 50,8 cm).

Are the canvas prints easy to care for?

The printed surface of the textured linen fabric is finished with a matt sheen, which is durable and protects the print from fading. This surface can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and shines in new splendor.

How do I hang the canvas art prints?

The printed canvases are supplied with a small clip and two screws. The clip is attached to the center of the back at the top of the frame, making it easy to attach to the wall. The canvas prints can of course also be fitted into an individual frame to give the artwork a personal touch.

How are the canvases printed and shipped?

Each canvas print is only produced after the order has been placed and then sent by the print store I work with. The printed canvases are sent in sturdy cardboard boxes and are themselves wrapped in bubble wrap. This means that they are optimally protected on the way to their new home.

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