Alina Hermann

Mixed Media & Oil Artist

Artist Statement

The feeling of watching paint flow unpredictably across the canvas and to observe the resulting shapes excites me and makes creating an artwork an adventure every time.

Similar to discovering unknown places on my journeys, I contemplate what appears before me. I look for shapes and forms to further elaborate and give more contours to the emerging worlds – capturing what I see and feel at that moment.

Each painting is unique and reflects my personal journey. My art is an invitation to push the boundaries of reality and explore the unknown places beyond the canvas.

How I got to Mixed Media & Oil Art

From the pipette to the brush

Hi there and thank you for visiting my website! I am Alina, studied biotechnologist, mixed media artist, huge fan of bicycle travelling, and everything about outdoor adventures!

In 2021, I swapped my lab job for a bike and tent to realize a long-cherished dream of exploring Europe on two wheels.

In 2022, I took this time out as an opportunity to further my education in art and painting and to start my own business as an artist.

Please have a look around the website, discover available artworks in the shop, my current portfolio, the upcoming shows and my art process.

I am happy about everyone who joins me on this exciting artistic journey!

Artistic education


Abstract landscapes with acrylics, Conny Niehoff, Colbitz, Germany (JUL/AUG 23)


Mastery Program, Milan Art Institute, Statham, GA, USA (JUN 22 - JUL 23)


Portraits with mixed media, Jenny Grant, Sweden (OCT 22)


Foundation course, acrylic and oil paint, Simon Gillmeister, Dalia Kock, Germany (MAY 22)


Portraits with pencil and charcoal, Simon Gillmeister, Germany (APR 22)

Art Awards


Sellability winner, contest „The color of sound“, Art Club, Milan Art Institute, Statham, GA, USA (DEC 22)

Art Exhibitions and Fairs


Solo exhibition "Inner Universe", Galerie im Schloss, Hemsbach, Germany (FEB 24)


Group Exhibition "Fragmente", Burg Kalteneck, Holzgerlingen, Germany (OCT 23)


Group Exhibition "Ephemeral",Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain (OCT 23)


Paris Art Fair, represented by MONAT Experience, Paris, France (SEP 23)


Luxembourg Art Fair, represented by van Gogh Art Gallery, LuxExpo, Luxembourg (SEP 23)


Group Exhibition "Session 04", Galeria Azur, Berlin, Germany (JUN/JUL 23)


Canvas International Art Fair "Visions", ItsLiquid Group, Venice, Italy (APR 23)


Virtual Exhibition „Interferences“, M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Milano, Italy (FEB 23)


Group Exhibition „Gemischte Tüte“, Zucker e.V., Darmstadt, Germany (DEC 22)

More Information about Mixed Media & Oil Artist Alina Hermann

Artist Biography

Background and path to art

Alina Hermann was born in 1987 in Germany and currently lives and works near Heidelberg, Germany. Originally with a scientific background, she found her way back to art in 2021 during a creative retreat on the Orkney Islands in Scotland. Immediately after, she started to learn artistic basics and various techniques such as pencil and charcoal portraiture as well as acrylic and oil painting in dedicated online courses. In the summer of 2022, she decided to acquire even more artistic skills and knowledge by starting the 1-year online Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute (USA), which she successfully finished in July 2023.

Art Techniques and Process

In her work, she utilizes collage, texture paste, markers and other tools to create a variety of contrasts and shapes. Her process for creating an abstract work is largely intuitive and exploratory. It begins with the application of many thin layers of paint, followed by the contemplation and further elaboration of shapes, patterns, lines and symbols. It is all about finding the balance between chaos and calm, excitement and relaxation. From this disordered state a new world emerges with every new painting. “With my art I hope to create access to these unknown places beyond the canvas and invite the viewer to explore them even further”, Alina says.

Scope of activities and future plans

Since 2023, she has set up her own cozy studio, which is like a small apartment in the house where she lives. Although it’s in the basement, it feels like a little cottage in nature with its windows directly into the garden. So it is no wonder that she is often accompanied by her dog Lani, while she works. Her current series is about color palettes that are based on the individual months of the year to reflect nature.

Art in the Online Shop

Order my mixed media & oil artworks online now

Since this year I have set up my own webshop. Here you can discover current original works of art on canvas and paper, as well as various art prints. Browse through my wide range of mixed media technique & oil paint and find the right inspiration for your living space.

Abstract Artworks

Timeless and modern art in strong shapes and lines with captivating contrasts and many possible combinations for your own individual home. Whether deep canvases or high-quality artist paper, an abstract painting is always an eye-catcher. My abstract mixed media & oil artworks are available in various sizes and color directions. If a desired color palette is not available, I will be happy to create an individual commission.

Figurative Artworks

My figurative art in mixed media and oil technique transports the viewer into a fascinating parallel world. The often surreal scenes convey a sense of freedom and adventure. The perfect complement for all those who are looking for a piece of art that provides inspiration and empowerment for their own life.

Art Prints on Canvas, Paper and Accessories

Art prints of my mixed media and oil artworks on various surfaces are a great way to start buying art at a reasonable price. Canvas prints and art prints on high-quality matt paper offer an exciting art experience, almost like an original painting. With an art print on one of the accessories on offer, on the other hand, you always have creative inspiration with you in your everyday life

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