Kunst an der Wand Aufhängen und Anordnen

Art on the Wall: Five Creative Arrangement Styles for Any Room

8. July, 2024

Artwork adds personality and charm to any room. But how should you arrange these pieces on the wall to achieve the desired effect? In this article, I present five different ways to hang artwork and explain the benefits of each style. Whether you prefer minimalist arrangements or a rich, artistic wall, here are the right ideas for you.

1. The Classic Parallel Arrangement

The parallel arrangement of two pieces of artwork side by side is a timeless classic. This style is particularly well-suited for symmetrical spaces such as dining rooms or bedrooms. The parallel arrangement creates a sense of harmony and balance.


  • Easy Implementation: Finding and hanging two equally sized pictures is straightforward.
  • Flexibility: This arrangement fits almost any room and decor.
  • Elegance: Symmetry gives the room a calm and orderly appearance.

To achieve the parallel arrangement, hang the artworks at the same height and with equal spacing between them. This is an excellent way to create a sense of peace and order in a room.

Kunst klassisch aufhängen anordnen

The classic arrangement: two works of art of the same size mounted parallel on the wall create a calm, uncluttered look through symmetry and fit into almost any room.

2. The Gallery Wall

A gallery wall, composed of multiple smaller pieces of artwork, is a fantastic way to showcase personality and variety. This style is perfect for living rooms, hallways, or staircases, as it allows for dynamic and interesting wall decor.


  • Creative Expression: You can mix different styles, sizes, and frames.
  • Unlimited Possibilities: There are no set rules – let your creativity run wild.
  • Space-Filling: Ideal for utilizing and enlivening larger wall areas.

To design a gallery wall, start by planning the arrangement on the floor and experimenting with different combinations. This makes hanging the pieces easier and helps create a harmonious overall look.

Galerie Wand Kunst aufhängen

The gallery wall: a creative way of displaying works of art of various sizes to fill a room.

3. The Vertical Arrangement

The vertical arrangement of artwork is especially advantageous in narrow spaces like hallways or between windows. It draws the eye upward and can create the illusion of height.


  • Space-Saving: Optimally utilizes vertical spaces.
  • Height Illusion: Visually extends low rooms.
  • Focus: Directs the viewer’s gaze upward.

For this arrangement, hang the artworks in a straight line with equal spacing between them. This gives the room a structured and elegant look.

Kunst vertikal aufhängen

The vertical arrangement is suitable for walls that offer little space and visually lengthens low rooms by directing the viewer’s gaze upwards.

4. The Asymmetrical Arrangement

The asymmetrical arrangement is perfect for modern and creative living spaces. This style of hanging adds dynamism and tension to the room.


  • Individual: Each arrangement is unique and reflects your personality.
  • Dynamic: Creates interesting focal points and fills the space vibrantly.
  • Flexible: Can be easily expanded or adjusted.

For a successful asymmetrical arrangement, mix different sizes and shapes. Start with a central piece and expand the arrangement outward.

Asyymetrische Anordnung Kunst aufhängen

The asymmetrical arrangement begins with a central work of art and offers expansion space on all sides. It can be easily adapted and provides interesting focal points by filling the space with life.

5. The Grid Arrangement

The grid arrangement is ideal for rooms that need clear structure and order. In this style, the artworks are hung in a regular pattern, similar to a grid.


  • Orderly: Creates a clear and organized structure.
  • Aesthetic: Perfect for minimalist or modern interiors.
  • Versatile: Suitable for photos, prints, and small artworks.

To implement this arrangement, carefully measure the distances between the artworks and ensure a uniform alignment. This method is particularly popular in home offices or modern living rooms.

Kunst im Raster an der Wand anordnen

The grid arrangement creates a clear and uncluttered structure on the wall. With its minimalist style, it is suitable for modern rooms and interiors.

Find your style!

No matter which style you choose, artwork on the wall can transform any room and add character. The classic parallel arrangement brings peace and elegance, while the gallery wall showcases your creative side. The vertical arrangement efficiently uses space, the asymmetrical arrangement adds dynamism, and the grid arrangement creates structure.

Try out different arrangements and discover which one best suits your space and personality. Now is the perfect time to refresh your walls and give your home a unique touch with artwork. Hang your pieces and experience how they transform your living spaces!

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